Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack has a large number of strategies, much more than roulette. This is also one of the reasons why playing blackjack with basic strategy is so popular. By a good knowledge of the rules and the different game options you can significantly limit your loss. Of course, blackjack is and remains a game of chance, but with the right choices per game round you can beat the dealer more often. Many strategies are very complicated. Counting cards requires you to be a math prodigy and have a good memory. Fortunately, every blackjack player can easily play better with the basic blackjack strategy.

Choose a Blackjack Strategy That Suits You

As you now know, there are many blackjack strategies. A different strategy is recommended for each playing style. Are you a careful player? Then it is best to choose a strategy where your bets per round will not increase too much. This way you also prevent going over your budget. Are you a bit more impulsive and do you like a little risk? Then you can choose a more daring tactic. Also check which live dealer blackjack variant suits you best. You will see that there is a suitable variant for every player.

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Make the Right Choices

Basic blackjack strategy is all about making the right choices. On the basis of your starting cards (the first two cards you get from the dealer) you choose to “hit” (ask for an extra card), “double”, “split” or “even money”. To make this decision, you do not only look at your own cards, but also the open card of the croupier (also called upcard). In blackjack double exposure even both cards of the dealer are open. If the croupier offers you the even money option, do not accept this. This option will cost you more in the long run than it brings you.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Unlike roulette, blackjack has a basic strategy. This is due to the fixed rules that the table game has and the mathematical nature of the game. This may sound vague, but don’t worry; you don’t have to be a math wizard for basic blackjack strategy. The strategy is based on these rules:

  • The dealer must hit at 16 and pass at 17-21 points
  • Players can only choose five game options: “Stand” (the turn passes to the next player), Hit, Double, Split, and Pass (also called Surrender)
  • The double-bust “Going bust” means losing by going over 21 points and with a double bust this happens to the player and the dealer simultaneously. In that situation you lose, because you get the card first
  • The 3-2 payout for a natural (21 with your starting hand)

Know Your Blackjack Hand

The blackjack basic strategy is therefore about making the right choices at the right time. And you do this on the basis of the cards that the croupier deals to you and himself. It is therefore important that you know the consequences of each hand of cards. Good knowledge of blackjack hands determines your chances of winning.

Know When to Stop

Some blackjack hands are so bad it makes no sense to gamble. With such hands you choose surrender. Blackjack distinguishes between two types of surrender: early and late. As the terms say, you can give up sooner or later in a game round. Early surrender is generally the best option, because then you only lose the starting bet. In our recommended online casinos you can use this option before it becomes known if the dealer has a natural. Late surrender is chosen if the dealer has a 10 or Ace as an upcard and you yourself have a score of 15-17. With a “surrender strategy” table you will learn the best moments for surrender.

Split Cards

Read our article on splitting cards for a detailed explanation of this game option. It is a common option for experienced blackjack players. Most importantly, you don’t blindly split each pair. So here too it applies that you make the right decision at the right time. If you do this in the right way, you can certainly benefit from it. One tip: before you start playing blackjack games, check how many card decks the game consists of, splitting also depends on the number of decks.

Double Your Bet

An offensive blackjack game option is “doubling”. It is a daring option that you must learn to handle properly. Only use doubles if the dealer with the upcard has a high chance of a bust (with a point value of 2-6). The tricky thing about the “double strategy” is that with this choice you only get one extra card from the croupier. Practicing doubles can certainly not hurt.

When to Take a Card?

Finally, in blackjack you often have to decide whether or not you want an extra card. Also take a look at this “hit and stand strategy” in advance with what kind of blackjack variant you are dealing with. How many card decks are used and which additional rules apply are very important. Then you can look up the matching table and get the most out of your blackjack game.

How to Practice Your Blackjack Strategy

Although the basic blackjack strategy sounds plausible, the question is how you learn to play it. How do you practice your blackjack strategy? Playing blackjack for free allows you to learn the basic blackjack rules and strategies at your leisure. You can practice for free without losing any money. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you make the wrong choice once while playing. In the online casino lobby of live blackjack casinos, many free blackjack variants are offered. This way you can immediately discover which blackjack variants there are.

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