Blackjack Rules

Explanation of the blackjack game: You will be surprised when people sit at a gaming table and think: How to play the blackjack game and what are the rules. So it is advisable to read this blackjack explanation first. Blackjack is a table game that is played with cards against the dealer. It is very similar to the much played card game 21’s, because blackjack is also about getting as close to 21 points as possible. The goal is to have more points than the dealer. He or she is also referred to as the bank or dealer. In the remainder of this blackjack explanation, we will use these terms interchangeably to get you used to it.

The dealer deals the cards to the blackjack players at the table from a full deck of cards (even 6 decks of shuffled cards in the casino). These 6 packs of cards are included in a so-called card holder. After each round, the cards are shuffled. So it remains unpredictable every round which cards you will receive.

The gaming table has been specially developed for blackjack. On one side is the sofa and on the other side (1, 3 or 5 chairs) are the players. In the remainder of this explanation we will assume Black Jack in a real casino, but these basic rules also apply to online blackjack games. That’s what they call it when you play blackjack on the internet. Want to know more about the blackjack game rules? Then read on.

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Placing the Bet

The game of blackjack begins with the first bet by the blackjack player. In the casino, a minimum bet and a maximum bet are used. There are several tables with different minimum and maximum amounts. The bet must be equal to or more than the minimum bet. Blackjack is played with chips in the real casino. You can exchange paper money for chips at the croupier or at the till. The dealer will exchange the money for blackjack chips when you put your money on the table.

This works differently with online blackjack, because you first have to deposit money at the online casino. This can be done, for example, with the most commonly used payment method credit card or with another online payment method such as Skrill, Ilixium, Interac Online Paysafecard or Neteller. With the balance in your account at the online casino you can then play a game and purchase chips. You bet the chips by placing them in the betting area. With multiple chips, a stack must be made, whereby the chips with the highest value are placed at the bottom of the stack. The stack of chips thus has a descending order when viewed from above.

You can bet chips until the croupier indicates that no more bets are allowed. He then makes a swing over the blackjack table with his arm. After that, you are not allowed to touch the chips anymore! These are important blackjack rules about the manners at the table. When playing online live blackjack, this is all automatic.

Dealing the Cards

After each player has placed a bet, each player is dealt 2 face up cards. The cards are dealt from right to left, so clockwise. The dealer also deals himself 1 open card and 1 face down card. The cards can have a value from 1 to 10. Cards 2 to 10 have the same value as the numbers on the cards. A jack, wife and king also have a value of 10, these are also called “pictures”. The ace can have the value 1 or 11.

Blackjack Game: Your Turn

The purpose of blackjack is to get a higher value with your cards than the bank. The maximum number of points is 21. Did you immediately receive 21 points with the first 2 open cards? Then you have Black Jack and you immediately receive 1.5 times your stake. However, it is more common that you have a value lower than 21 points with the first 2 open cards. In that case you can always ask for or pass extra cards. These are the two most commonly used choices.

Asking for an additional card is called “buying”. In the casino it is customary to indicate buying and folding with hand gestures. Swiping towards yourself means you want an extra card. If you make a hand movement from right to left and back, it means you want to pass. You may keep asking for as many cards until you reach 21 points or more.

If the value of your cards is higher than 21 (so 22 and higher) then you’re done. This is also called “bust”. However, it is often advisable not to ask and fold more cards from a certain number of points, but more about blackjack strategy later. If you have 22 points or more, you are finished and your bet is immediately withdrawn. With two of the same cards you can split the cards. You have to place an extra bet and then continue playing with 2 hands. If you have 9, 10 or 11 points, you also have the option to double. You must then place an extra bet and then receive 1 more card.

Blackjack Game: Dealer’s Turn

When you have passed it is the turn of the other players at the blackjack table first. That does not matter to you, because you play against the bank. The bank is the last to act and plays with fixed rules: with 16 points or less it will ask for an extra card, with 17 or more it will pass.

In fact, it does not matter to the bank what number of points you or the other players at the table have, because the bank will play according to these rules at all times. Even if several players have 19 points, 18 points will be passed.

Win or Lose

Once the round is completed, the dealer will pass through any position at the gaming table to pay out the winnings and take the losses. If the dealer has gone “bust” you get 1 time your bet. Didn’t he go “bust” and is your score higher? Then you win 1 time your bet. Is your number of points lower? Then your bet is taken. Is your score the same? Then you get your bet back. If the bank has “blackjack” then all bets are cashed. Any winnings are placed next to your own bet. You can take this profit from the betting area or continue playing with the total bet. Then make a whole stack with the highest value chips at the bottom.


Buying a card is the most used action in this game and you will quickly master the hand movement for it. As long as you don’t have blackjack or (more than) 21 points, you can always buy cards. The only exception is when you have doubled.


It is always possible to fold unless you already have blackjack or 21 (or more) points. The trick with fitting is that you don’t do this too early or too late. If you pass too early, there is a greater chance that you will have fewer points than the bank. If you pass too late, there is a greater chance that you will go “bust”. When to fold also depends on the bank’s cards. If he has a bad open card, such as a 5, you can fold earlier. If he has a good open card, such as a 10, you can fold later.


If the number of points on the first 2 open cards is 9, 10 or 11, you may double your bet. There is a relatively high chance that you will receive a high number of points, but you will only receive 1 card from the croupier. This is a favorable option that you will often have to use. There are relatively many cards in the suit with the value 10 (namely the 10, jack, queen and king). It is good to know that in blackjack games it is not possible to double up if you have 9, 10 or 11 points on the first 2 open cards and 1 of the open cards is an Ace.


If the values ​​of your first 2 face up cards are equal, you may split these 2 cards. You then have to place another bet on the split card. From that moment on you play in two places at the same time and you receive an extra card in both places. You can play blackjack separately with both hands, so ask for a card, fold, double or even split again. There is another special feature: if you want to split aces, you only get 1 extra card. If you then get a card with a value of 10 points, you don’t have a “blackjack” but just 21 points. In the blackjack strategy you can see that it is not recommended to split with two tens, jacks, queens or kings.


If the dealer’s first open card is an Ace, you may insure yourself against a “blackjack” from the dealer. You must then add half of your bet. If the croupier still has the “blackjack” afterwards, the insurance you bet will be doubled. Your bet is then 1.5 and you win 0.5. If the croupier does not have a “blackjack” then you lose 0.5 bet, equal to your added insurance bet. If you want to maximize your profit, insurance is a bad option. Seeing an Ace makes it seem that there is a high probability that the dealer has blackjack, but in only a third of the cases the dealer has blackjack. This special option is mainly offered in online blackjack games.

Even Money

If you have “blackjack” with the first 2 cards face up and the croupier has an Ace, you can choose “even money”. Instead of the 1.5 times your bet, you immediately win 1 times your bet. You simply cannot use the “even money” option, but if the croupier also has “blackjack”, you will only get your own bet back. Doesn’t the croupier have a “blackjack”? Then you will just get 1.5 times your stake back. In the long run, “even money” is very loss-making for the player, so we do not recommend using this option. This special option is mainly offered in online blackjack games.

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