Live Blackjack

Why leave your house while you can also play live blackjack on the internet? This is offered by every self-respecting online casino and is loved by players. This is because the live casino experience best matches the thrills of the real casino. Live blackjack is played the same as the blackjack in the online casino, online blackjack. It is possible that the gaming table has been adjusted or the playing cards have a larger size in order to be better visible on the webcam. The best online casinos use at least the services of Netent and Evolution Gaming for the live casino.

A session of online blackjack is always a choice with a high entertainment content. To get the ultimate experience it is recommended to play the live version of blackjack. Then you will experience the same pleasant experience when you visit a real “brick” casino. What you will find are real blackjack tables and real dealers. The dealers are in contact with the players and with you! Because the livestream is in High Definition, it seems as if you are present on the spot, but with the comfort of your own playground.

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Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack

The choices of Evolution Gaming’s blackjack games are roughly the same. With Evolution, however, it is possible to make a decision before dealing the cards (pre-decisions). You can sit behind other players to play or choose to play up to 4 tables at the same time. The unique feature of Evolution is the Party table. There music is played in the background and several dealers make it very pleasant.

Netent Live Blackjack

At the Netent live blackjack tables you get professional dealers, chat with the dealers, user-friendly interface, high definition video quality, perfectly synchronized sound, game history and statistics of the last played hands. On mobile devices, you can view it both vertically (portrait) and horizontally (landscape). The unique feature of Netent are the live blackjack tables where an unlimited number of players play the same hand at the same time. All players have the opportunity to make their own decision and play their own basic strategy. In contrast, the card will be dealt if someone else wants another card and you passed. However, this extra card (s) no longer affects the outcome of your hand. The choice of other players is unfortunately not visible, but the percentages of choices that the other players have made together. The most frequently used action is often the most optimal decision.

Benefits of Live Blackjack Games

There are many advantages to playing black jack live. There is more interaction with the dealer and other players at the table. This way you can also enjoy the social side of blackjack. You can see which actions the dealer performs and you can respond to them. The dealer will also respond to you. If in an internet casino you have the feeling that you are being cheated by the computer (although it can be stated with certainty that you are not. In the live casino you can have that feeling much less because you see everything happening in front of you.

Compared to the casinos, you can also get nice bonuses at a live casino on the first deposit or on subsequent deposits. You get extra money to play with and therefore have a better chance of winning. You are still quite anonymous when you take a seat at the live blackjack table unlike the casinos. As a result, you will not meet acquaintances or colleagues, whom you would rather not have them know that you are regularly taking a chance. Last but not least: you can play blackjack anywhere with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Disadvantages of Playing Live Blackjack

Despite the fact that you can chat with the dealers and other players at the table. This doesn’t get as personal as in a casino. You cannot feel and smell them. There is always some distance between the players and the dealer. There are not many other disadvantages associated with playing blackjack live.

How Does Live Blackjack Work?

To participate in the game you must first register or log in to the online casino and have a credit. Choose a gaming table and take a seat on a free chair. You can participate on the next hand. You must place a bet with the mouse. When all players at the table have placed a bet, the dealer will deal the cards. You can also chat with the other blackjack players at the table after taking your seat. You can see the dealing of the cards by the dealer live on the screen. You can indicate with your mouse whether you want to pass, buy, double, split or insure. Then you may see that the dealer draws a card from the deck and deals it to you. You can hear the dealer comment through the speakers of your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. In principle, the blackjack games work in the same way as in real life, but there are no physical chips or you are not present at the location. If there are no places at the tables, you can also take a seat on a common draw table. There is always room there, because all players play with the same hand.

Live Blackjack Game Variants

Power Blackjack

The translation of Power is “strength”. And how do you radiate the most power with Black Jack? Exactly, when doubling. However, in Power Blackjack you can not only double, but also triple or quadruple. On the other hand, there are no nines and tens in play to reduce the chances of multiplying. The game builds on the Infinite series so that the number of seats is infinite and low limits are the standard.

Unlimited Blackjack

Unlimited stands for an unlimited number of participants at the same blackjack table, the same as Blitz Blackjack from Playtech and Infinite Blackjack from Evolution Gaming. The Unlimited Blackjack tables come from two live casino providers, namely Ezugi as Playtech. On the Ezugi table there is a digital slot in the gaming table where the dealer’s tip can be deposited. You don’t see that with the other live dealer games.

Speed ​​Blackjack

Do you always find it so annoying to have to wait for the decisions of the other players at the table? With Speed ​​Blackjack, the dealer is trained to serve everyone at the same time. The dealer gives priority to whoever makes the decision first. This makes a game round of 30% to 40% faster than normal. To increase the excitement there are two side bets to choose from: Perfect Pairs and 21 + 3 Blackjack.

Blackjack Party

Play live blackjack in the most festive atmosphere you can imagine. Nice and relaxed, nice music in the background and relaxed presenters. To attract a younger audience, the limits are lower and there is a fantastic atmosphere. No place at the table? No problem! With the Bet Behind function you can play with one or more people at the table. However, you decide for yourself whether you want to go with the doubling or splitting.

Free Bet Blackjack

In Free Bet Blackjack all players can participate at the same table. It is comparable to Infinite Blackjack. The dealer deals one hand. Each player can make a decision for himself. One can pass, while the other takes another card. Everyone plays for themselves with their own virtual cards. It is similar to the rules of regular blackjack in the real casino, but in combination with real and virtual cards.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack Side Bets The translation of Infinite is “infinite”. This refers to the unlimited number of players who can simultaneously participate in the same hand. In October 2018, live casino giant Evolution Gaming will launch the game Infinite Blackjack. The advanced technology allows an immense number of guests to be seated at the same gaming table at the same time. In fact, everyone plays in the same hand, but can make their own decisions. The dealer draws a card, scans it into the table and the computer takes care of the virtual display of the card. So the card you bought can get another player at the same time as the card after doubling.

Quantum Blackjack

The Quantum blackjack tables simply look beautiful, but you will be even more surprised when you play. Prior to the game round, up to 3 multipliers of 3x, 5x and / or 10x can roll from the draw. As a result, 3 times a 10x multiplier yields a factor of 1,000x! As a result, you can also win immense cash prizes with this Playtech live blackjack. In addition, the house advantage is also very low.

Majority Rules Blackjack

The Majority Rules Blackjack table is a type of blackjack where you do not have to make the decision alone, but the majority decides. You play the same hand together with other players. If more than 50% of the players choose to buy, fold, double or split, that’s the decision! So no more waiting for others or taking a long time to make a choice yourself. This also benefits the speed.

As a fan of blackjack, you naturally prefer to go to an online casino where the game selection is excellent in terms of both quality and quantity. Therefore we will list the best online casinos on this website and concisely describe what live blackjack offer they currently have. In addition, we discuss what you can expect in terms of welcome bonus and whether this also applies to live blackjack. Hopefully based on this you can find the best online casino to play blackjack!

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