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Blackjack is an immensely popular game in the casino and often many spectators are seen around the gaming table and many virtual tables are occupied in blackjack online. What many don’t know, however, is that blackjack is a casino’s ‘cashcow’. In other words, big money is being made on amateurish playing blackjack fans! Various American studies show that the average casino visitor when playing online blackjack has an expected profit of no less than -20%.

You read that right: there is a minus sign in front of the percentage. This means that the house advantage is very large. In practice, this often means that the budget starts to run out in less than an hour and the frustration of the player increases. The result is that the game is even worse: a vicious circle. Players who know the blackjack rules and already have some experience with the game are better off. These have an expected profit with online blackjack games of -4%. Still negative, but much better.

The most optimal position are the players who know the online blackjack rules, have experience and can apply the blackjack strategy flawlessly. This means they have a profit expectation of -0.4%, depending on the variant that is played. For every bet of $/€ 100, an average of only $/€ 0.40 cents is lost. This is an average, but there is a very high chance that you will have more money than your starting amount during the hands played.

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History of Blackjack

The first reference to a game similar to modern blackjack was Novelas ejemplares by Miguel de Cervantes. Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote, quotes in “Novelas ejemplares” a couple who cheat with great success in veintiuna, Spanish for twenty-one. Since this short story was written between 1601 and 1602, the game of blackjack has its roots at least sometime in the early 17th century, and probably even before that.

When the game was first introduced in the United States, it contained a rule according to which the player would get a 10: 1 payout for an ace of spades and a black jack (spades or clubs), hence the Name “Blackjack”. That 10: 1 payout was eventually abandoned, the name stuck and the Spanish 21 is now commonly known as Blackjack.

By the 1950s, blackjack had spread to almost every casino in the world. The game has become so ubiquitous that blackjack tables are typically the only table games offered in non-casino establishments such as bars and nightclubs where gambling is permitted.

Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is no different from playing blackjack in land-based casinos. The blackjack rules are exactly the same and only differ in the usual blackjack variants. The minimum bet can also vary from table to table, but this is also the case in land-based casinos. The object of the game is also the same, namely to win. At our top rated online casinos you can enjoy live dealer blackjack online to the fullest, as there are plenty of tables with different minimum stakes and some tables are even available around the clock.

Before you choose a blackjack table with free seats, you can learn everything about online blackjack in this article and you can get started. As already mentioned, playing blackjack online works the same way as anywhere else, but you can read through the blackjack game rules again below. We explain to you in detail all available actions, such as hit, double down and split.

Play Blackjack

Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular casino card games of all time. The origins of blackjack are still unclear to this day, but many believe that this game originated in French casinos around 1700 as Vingt-et-Un. The name means twenty-one and the goal of playing blackjack is to hit exactly 21 in order to win.

On the other hand, there was already in the 15./16. Century similar blackjack variants in Spain and Italy. who can be seen as pioneers of modern blackjack. Another theory is that there was a pioneer who played with wooden blocks as early as Roman times. It is generally agreed, however, that the French colonists brought the game to North America, where it eventually developed into the modern version of blackjack, which is also found in online blackjack. Read on to learn more about blackjack online and blackjack rules, because playing blackjack is easy.

Blackjack Game Rules

In blackjack, the goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over it. Any combination of cards with a value of 22 or more is called a BUST. Then you lost the game. A tie between the player and the dealer is a PUSH. In a draw, money is neither won nor lost.

On a hard 17, the dealer must choose STAND.

At the beginning, the player and the dealer receive the first two cards. The player sees his two cards and one of the dealer’s cards. The dealer’s first card is dealt face down.

If the dealer has an ace: The player can buy blackjack insurance for half his bet. If you have this insurance and the dealer receives a blackjack, the player receives a payout of 2: 1 and the game round is over. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the player loses this insurance fee and the hand continues to play normally.

For any other card the dealer has, the options are as follows, depending on the player’s hand:

If the first two cards have a value between 9 and 11: The player has the option to double his bet (DOUBLE DOWN). After this doubling, another card is drawn. After the double down, the player cannot do anything other than draw another card.

If the player’s first two cards have the same value: The player has the option to split his hand (SPLIT). The bet is doubled, the cards are split, and two cards are dealt from the deck to add a second to each split card. These hands are played normally – they can be doubled (Double Down), split again (SPLIT), another card added (HIT) or passed.

For all other values: With HIT, the player has the option of drawing more cards from the stack in order to get closer to 21 without going beyond it. Once the player is satisfied with his card value, he chooses STAND to play his hand against the dealer’s. You have exactly the same options when you play blackjack online.

Multihand Blackjack

As in traditional casinos, a player with multiple hands can bet on a single deal against the dealer. Unlike traditional casinos, however, most casinos do not require outrageous minimum stakes that require the player to wager large amounts when trying to play multiple hands at the same time.

While there is a chance that the dealer could reveal their cards and beat every hand of the player, the most common outcome is that the player hedge their bets by winning some hands and losing others. And of course it can also happen that the dealer gets a bust with a card value over 21 and the player wins every hand he has wagered.

While some players prefer the multi-hand version above all for stylistic reasons, playing this version also has a certain mathematical sense in that you can protect yourself against total losses.

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